What kind of household molecular sieve oxygen machine is good?
First, understand the way to deal with the air pre-treatment of oxygen making machine.
Molecular sieve is the key core part of the oxygen maker. He is very delicate and requires very strict air to provide it with oxygen - clean and dry (dedusting, degreasing, water removal). Otherwise, the molecular sieve will soon be invalidation. Having understood this principle, you will know why we need to ask and understand the air pretreatment before the purchase of molecular sieve oxygen making machine. A good molecular sieve oxygen generator usually adopts four level air filtration and air cold dry treatment. The accuracy of four stage filtration is followed by coarse filtration, fine filtration, precision filtration and ultra precision filtration. Air cold dry treatment is the way to remove the moisture from the air and make the air dry. The air pretreatment system with poor quality and Jerry building is generally only the first 2 level, and the most advanced level 3. Air cold dry treatment is absolutely not.
Second. Understand the power of the oxygen maker:
Molecular sieve oxygen generator must consume a certain amount of power because of sufficient air pre-treatment, four level air filtration and air cold dry treatment. Therefore, the power of a good normal oxygen making machine itself and the air pretreatment will be more powerful, and the power of 300~400 watts will be achieved in general. Such as molecular sieve oxygen generator power less than 150 watts, this oxygen generator is not to buy, is absolutely Jerry building oxygen machine, life is very short.
Third, understand the function of the oxygen making machine:
Small portable or on-board molecular sieve oxygen makers will boast that the flow of 1~5 liters and the concentration of 90% to 30% can be adjusted. This function is 100% false, and it is set in the computer control board. If the inside of his oxygen machine really placed a sensor of flow and oxygen concentration, then, the first, the price can not be as cheap as a thousand dollars (it is known: the high precision oxygen concentration monitor is more expensive than the oxygen maker); second, the digital display should fluctuate in a certain range rather than a certain one. The exact number.
Fourth. Understand the humidification bottle of the oxygen making machine:
Some molecular sieve oxygen making machines are equipped with humidifying bottles, while others are not. What about this? Be judged by the first point. The role of humidifying bottle is that the air after cold air drying is still very dry, and can not be directly used for breathing, otherwise the nostrils will dry and bleed. Dry oxygen must be humidified and humidified, so that the above phenomenon can be avoided. If the molecular sieve oxygen making machine doesn't match the humidifying bottle, it will be false. If the molecular sieve oxygen making machine is equipped with a humidification bottle, it is judged according to the first point: 1, if the molecular sieve oxygen machine has a good air pretreatment configuration, it reaches the requirement in the first point, this is a good oxygen making machine. 2, if the molecular sieve oxygen machine has no air cold drying before treatment, equipped with the humidification bottle, is also a false surplus, only to explain the false creation of realistic.
With these four points in mind, you can choose molecular sieve oxygen making machine according to your own judgement.
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