Where is the difference between the ventilator and the oxygen maker?
The domestic ventilator and the oxygen machine are all the common medical equipment in our family. However, many people often confuse these two kinds of things together, regard the ventilator as the oxygen machine, mistaken that the ventilator can also make oxygen. In fact, what's the difference between home ventilator and oxygen generator?
Ventilator and oxygen generator are two essentially different medical devices. Let's first understand the working principles of respirator and oxygen generator.
The normal breathing of our body is due to the "active negative pressure difference" between the alveolus and the mouth of the airway through the breathing movement. The chest and the elastic retraction of the lungs produce the poor passive positive pressure of the alveolus and the mouth of the airway to meet the needs of the physical ventilation. The inhalation movement of the ventilator in the household produces the negative pressure of the thoracic cavity and the pulmonary alveolus and the negative pressure of the airway in the passive expansion of the lung, thus forming the suction of the pressure difference between the airway and the alveoli, and the chest and the elastic retraction of the lung after inhalation, resulting in the opposite pressure to complete the exhalation.
The home ventilator is mainly applied to the patients with abnormal nasal development, the hypertrophic and thick pharynx, the abnormal thyroid function, the obese, and other patients with snoring or other sleep apnea syndrome.
The working principle of oxygen making machine is to use molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology. The oxygen machine can fill the molecular sieve in the air, and the nitrogen can be adsorbed in the air. The remaining oxygen is collected. After purification, it becomes high purity oxygen. Then it is transported to our body through the nasal duct or oxygen mask. In general, it is not suitable for patients who are critically ill.
The main application population of the oxygen making machine is chronic bronchitis & emphysema such as respiratory diseases, hypertension & coronary heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, low cardiac and pulmonary function, sleep apnea syndrome and other subhealth conditions, and other causes of acute and chronic hypoxia symptoms.
To put it simply, breathing machines are quite different from oxygen generators in terms of two concepts. A ventilator, like an electric fan, supplies gas flow to help and replace our breathing. The oxygen generator is like a sieve that filters out the oxygen in the air, enriches and purify it to supply the body to improve our state of hypoxia. The ventilator can assist the human breathing, but it can not effectively improve the oxygen state of the human body, and the oxygen machine can improve the oxygen content and oxygen reserve in the blood, keep the oxygen saturation of the human body in the healthy state, and then improve the metabolism and immunity of the human body, such as the more serious diseases such as the slow resistance lung and the heart failure, and the oxygen making machine Combined with respirator, it will achieve a better therapeutic effect.
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