The basic index of the medical oxygen machine
The amount of oxygen per minute is not less than 3 litres, and the continuous output oxygen concentration is not less than 90%. This is the bottom limit of the performance standard of a medical grade oxygen machine. If we fail to meet this standard, we should not label ourselves with oxygen machine, so that there is little effect of medical treatment on oxygen machine.
And at present, in the world, almost all of the developed countries' medical grade oxygen production standards are not less than 5 liters per minute, and the oxygen concentration in all oxygen making ranges is not less than 90%. Objectively, for patients who need long time oxygen inhalation, this performance standard oxygen machine can be produced. It is equivalent to oxygen therapy of oxygen cylinder, which can be used as a reliable oxygen therapy device in family.
So how much is this oxygen machine? The domestic oxygen machine is 3500-4000 yuan, the high-end joint-venture oxygen machine is about 5000, and the original imported oxygen machine needs 6000-7000 yuan. In an era of full public information and fierce competition, this price at least is at least the limit prices that all manufacturers and sales providers can accept after deducting the necessary R & D, production, advertising, personnel wages and rent and electricity. If the price is lower,... Or either you will be lucky enough to buy the things that are cleared up, or you will get into the trap designed by others.
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